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Safety signs are an important requirement in all business premises and workplaces, as well as shopping centres and industrial areas. Each sign portrays either a warning or some other safety feature in the workplace. Safety Signs promote a safe work environment, ensuring employees and customers are aware of all potential hazards and help reinforce important safety precautions and policies.

Why are fire safety signs required?

The biggest danger within the workplace is fire – especially if you are dealing with flammable and explosive materials.

In any type of workplace, fire safety signs are very important. In small firms it may seem obvious where to go and what to do in the event of a fire – but if your employees panic and are not guided by fire action signs, it could result in the whole premises being destroyed, putting a stop to operations. or leading to loss of lives.

To minimise the chance of a fire occurring and to guide visitors and employees on how to respond, make sure you have the right fire safety signs installed at the right places.


  • Fire Extinguisher Signs
  • Fire Action Signs
  • Fire Exit Signs

Those relating to equipment, indicate the location of devices and the type present. These have to be red under health and safety law and are especially important if fire extinguishers are not immediately in the line of sight of staff.

They tend to explain whether the extinguisher is foam, dry, water or carbon dioxide and how to use them, such as if they are safe to use on electrical or gaseous fires.

Another popular equipment notice is for fire alarm call points. These signs need to be around 1.7m to 2m off the ground according to BS 5499 rules. It should also be close to or next to the call point so individuals can find what they are looking for immediately.

Fire action signs can be a symbol only or with text. For example they can include calls to action such as sounding the alarm system, leaving the building via the nearest and safest fire exit and not using lifts.

Fire exit signs come under the remit of Part 4 of BS 5499, which details the importance of the positioning of signs. They cannot be placed on a wall in a way that would cause confusion or where they would not be clearly seen. Your local fire authority can advise you on this.

Once you have purchased all the fire safety signs you need, make sure they are used to their full potential by placing them in the correct position and fixed with the correct materials.


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