Security and Alarms

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At Bursec Solutions we cater for all your home security giving you piece of mind whether it be at night, when you are away from home or on holiday. With the ever increasing crime rate and home intrusion it has become a necessity to secure your home from intruders. We provide protection for your home, business or retail outlet.

Bursec Solutions is a Authorised Dealer for Fidelity ADT the leading provider of residential and commercial security solutions in South Africa. Their services are indispensable, securing assets with fast Armed Response and 24/7 monitoring as well as a host of sophisticated products.

See why Fidelity ADT is the best in the business


Our basic kit includes:

Only pay a monthly fee for armed response, monitoring and medical emergency services.

Protect your family with Fidelity ADT's channels of protection

Remotes, beams, etc can be added to the above alarm systems

IDS 806 Wireless kit

FREE Rental Alarm System

8 Zone Alarm System

16 Zone Alarm System

This alarm system can be wired or wireless and can be extended to 64 zones.

Special Offer

This special offer appplies to the new Fidelity ADT clients in the greater Pretoria region and is subject to a 24 month Fidelity ADT Service Agreement. Terms and Conditions apply.

We also install and maintain the following security tools to protect your valuable assets:

Bursec Solutions offer a range of Security Services from routine residential protection to the more stringent needs of the commercial and industrial sectors. Whatever your business and the nature of the risks to which it may be exposed,we are able to offer you a solution that is both affordable and that will guarantee your peace of mind.